TRASSIR Pose Detector


TRASSIR Pose Detector

The neural detector detects and classifies various postures of people - to track atypical behavior (unusual posture at the ATM, falling, raised arms during an attack, etc.). TRASSIR Pose Detector consists of a neural network, tracking, and a script (you can add new poses to the classification). The neural network detects a person and finds the position of his body parts. By tracking the detected detection, the Pose Detector determines what the pose corresponds to at the moment (the average position of body parts in 2 seconds), and classifies it using a script.

It is possible to customize the size of detected objects, zones where you need to define poses, sensitivity, quality and speed of recognition:

Quality: the detector operates in two modes - simple and advanced; in advanced mode recognizes smaller poses using the high definition network and requires more powerful equipment.
Recognition speed: 6 fps, 12 fps, constantly - in each frame; the fewer frames per second, the more difficult it is for the detector to recognize the pose.
Sensitivity: the higher this value, the more susceptible the detector is to changes in posture; a decrease in the indicator eliminates false positives.

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