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TRASSIR Neuro Detector


TRASSIR Neuro Detector

Object detector (people, heads, cars, bicycles, etc) based on neural networks for security purposes. Allows you to accurately detect objects in the frame. When a foreign object enters the specified area, the detector generates an alarm. Significantly reduces the number of false alarms by filtering foreign objects and noise. Works on the TRASSIR NeuroStation server. Offload analytics is possible (multiple TRASSIR servers transmit images to 1 server for processing).


  • Improve control over the territory
  • Control access to "sterile areas ”
  • Assist security services in significantly improving efficiency
  • Respond to sensitive events at the site in a timely manner
  • Eliminate false alarms

TRASSIR Neuro Detector provides highly accurate object recognition and classification. The module is not triggered by other moving objects, such as trees and animals (as opposed to a motion detector).

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