TR-D7121IR1 v6 3.6

Technical Specifications


WDR (120 dB)

Maximum video output resolution:


Image sensor:

1/2.7" CMOS

Bitrate (Mb/sec):


Power supply:

DC 12 V, PoE

Lens (mm):


Weight Net (kg):




Ingress protection:


Dimensions (mm):


Power consumption, Watt:


Working temperature, C°:


Day/Night Mode:

Mechanic IR-filter

Network interfaces:


The 2MP (1920 × 1080) v6 (3.6mm) IP camera is designed for indoor use. Equipped with a PIR sensor for detecting movement based on temperature changes. Suitable for night video surveillance - equipped with IR illumination with a range of 10 m. Equipped with a microphone and speaker. On board a complex of analytical functions - motion detection, people detection, detection of crossing a virtual line and intrusion into the zone.


  • - WDR 120 dB - neutralizes the effect of different-contrast lighting on the image quality.
  • - 3D DNR - Noise Reduction.
  • - Support for vertical resolution with an aspect ratio of 9:16.
  • - Defog (anti-fog) - increase the contrast to eliminate the effect introduced by fog, smoke.
  • - BLC - Backlight Compensation.
  • - Day / night mode with ICR, with sufficient illumination refracting IR rays, and without illumination shifting to the side to increase the sensitivity of the matrix and the backlight.
  • - Compression with H.264, H.264 +, H.265, H.265 + codecs.
  • - Broadcast speed - 25 frames per second.


TR-D7121IR1 v6 (3.6 mm) is equipped with a 3.6 mm fixed focal length lens, 82 ° horizontal field of view, 44 ° vertical field, F / 1.8 aperture. Equipped with an RJ-45 network port, a microSD slot with a capacity of up to 128 MB, a power connector. Power supply - 12V DC or PoE. The maximum power consumption is 2 W. Dimensions - 60.0 × 99.0 × 32.8 mm. Weight - 95 g.

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