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3 June 2024

TRASSIR modernises safety at Villamahal Evleri, Turkey

Villamahal Evleri project, consists of 3 types and 106 villas and is designed on a land of 183,000 m2, in the middle of three highways, 30 minutes away from Istanbul Airport, away from the city with a view of Büyükçekmece Gölvadisi. Villamahal is presenting to meet the “double-storey villa and single-storey villa” trend. The Villamahal territory includes Turkish bath, sauna, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sports center, spa section, restaurant, cafeteria, tennis court, multi-purpose sports field and parking areas. The project required the installation of a reliable video surveillance system due to the large number of social facilities within a closed area. 

TRASSIR has implemented this project together with our integrator Asmin Bilişim Elektronik.

Surveillance in the field

The main purpose of the project was to ensure the perimeter security of luxurious villas and their residents. As the territory is vast, it was difficult for the security team to monitor all the surveillance cameras and burglars would often jump over the fence and steal certain items from the yards and even houses. Now, using the current CCTV system, TRASSIR Neuro Detector, TRASSIR video analytical module watches all the fences and whenever people get closer to the selected security zones, sound pop-up alarms are immediately generated, informing the security team.

Project objectives

The main advantage of TRASSIR is that you can use any brand of camera, reducing the cost to the customer of implementing video analytics solutions- the use of current CCTV system without changing anything, which is definitely cost-effective. TRASSIR also provides its customers with a lifetime license.

• Ensuring safety within the villas and buildings and maintaining the perimeter security;

• Implementing a surveillance system to guarantee the absolute safety of the residents and the property;

• Providing security with advanced video analysis systems;

• Unifying cameras from different manufacturers used in the area into one system;

• Creating a deep archive that stores the evidence base for the investigation of criminal or controversial situations.

Project solution

The main advantage of TRASSIR is that you can use any brand of cameras and thus reduce costs for the client when implementing video analytic solutions. TRASSIR also provides their clients with a life-long license.

•  TRASSIR Neurostation 8200R/16 - 2 pcs;

•  TRASSIR AnyIP - 32 pcs;

•  TRASSIR Neuro Detector - 27 pcs;


•  TRASSIR Fire and Smoke Detector;

•  TRASSIR Active Search+;

•  TRASSIR Alarm Monitor.

Project results

The security system operates 24 hours a day, providing security providing a peace of mind for the residents, their guests and staff at the premises. With continuous real-time monitoring, authorized users can monitor the areas 24/7 from anywhere from their smartphones using TRASSIR app.

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