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21 March 2024

What kind of security system is required for small businesses such as Beauty salons?

For small businesses TRASSIR has developed a system of proposals that help the entrepreneur relieve himself of most of the routine operations and fully concentrate on his core activities and devote time to business development.
TRASSIR Staff Tracker will monitor the arrival and departure time of employees. IP cameras will record the working day and transmit data to the database. The data is easy to analyze and systematize; when conflict situations arise, it is very easy to return to the incident and objectively consider the situation.

Episodes of property damage, theft, any unwanted behavior and violation of internal rules will be easily detected. If we are talking about a beauty salon or other business with strict requirements of sanitation and hygiene, it is very important to comply with the prescribed requirements in order to avoid complaints from customers or fines from regulatory authorities. The entrepreneur will also be able to evaluate the quality of the services provided and make adjustments if necessary.

TRASSIR ACS, through the Face Recognition module, will help ensure that only employees and clients are in the permitted area. The access to the staff areas is allowed only for authorized persons for reasons of safety and privacy.

TRASSIR systems can successfully work and be useful to entrepreneurs in any area and help them take their business to a new level, freeing up the most valuable resource – time.

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