TRASSIR Shelf Detector


TRASSIR Shelf Detector
The module for analyzing the fullness of the shelves is used to timely inform about empty shelves with goods. In the event of voids exceeding the specified value, the module sends notifications to the store employees. The module also generates reports on the status of shelves at specified intervals. Thanks to reporting, the administration of the retail network can determine / predict the level of demand for certain groups of goods and track the performance of employees responsible for filling the shelves.


  • Control the timely display of goods, receive notification of empty shelves;
  • Forecast demand for product groups or individual products using analytical reports; 
  • Introduce new criteria for evaluating employee performance.

TRASSIR Shelf Detector operates using a neural network trained on a large base of Russian and foreign stores. Progressive analytics allows you to recognize any goods, their presence or absence on the shelf with high accuracy. The efficiency of the algorithms makes it possible to detect voids in the frame and to avoid generating false notifications in case of the presence of objects temporarily covering the shelf.

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