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TR-D2223WDZIR7 2.7-13.5


Technical specifications


RWDR 120 dB



Maximum video output resolution:


Image sensor:

1/2.8" CMOS

Bitrate (Mb/sec):


Power supply:

DC 12 V, PoE

Lens (mm):

2.7 - 13.5

Net Weight (kg):




Ingress protection:


Dimensions (mm):


Power consumption, Watt:


Working temperature, C°:


Day/Night Mode:

Mechanic IR-filter

Network interfaces:



2 MP (1920 × 1080) IP-camera is designed for year-round and round-the-clock outdoor use: the case is protected from moisture and dust according to the IP67 standard, operating temperatures - –40 ° C ... +60 ° C, TVS 4000V lightning protection, range of integrated IR illumination - 70 m.


  • - 120dB WDR - per-pixel metering to minimize the effect of changes in light level on image quality.
  • - BLC - Back Light Compensation.
  • - HLC - local exposure masking.
  • - Defog - elimination of blur caused by fog or smoke in the scene.
  • - ROI (area of ​​interest) - high quality of the picture in the selected area with a passing reduction in resolution in the rest of the frame (bitrate optimization).
  • - 3D DNR - spatial noise reduction.
  • - Day / night mode with mechanical IR cut filter: in sufficient light, the ICR refracts IR rays, correcting the color rendition, and in the dark it moves away from the matrix so that its sensitivity increases and the backlight can work.


TR-D2223WDZIR7 is equipped with a motorized lens with a focal length of 2.7 mm ~ 13.5 mm, horizontal field of view 102 ° ~ 32 °, vertical field - 53 ° ~ 18 °. For compression, video codecs are provided H.265, H.265 + and H.264, to reduce the load on the network and the server - 2-stream data transmission. Broadcast speed - 25 frames per second. 

The onboard interfaces include an RJ-45 network port, a slot for a microSD card with a capacity of up to 128 GB, audio input, audio output, alarm input, alarm output, power supply connector. A swivel arm is included for easy adjustment of the monitoring direction. Power supply - 12V DC, PoE. The maximum power consumption is 10.5 watts. Dimensions - 233.4 × 77.5 × 80.0 mm, net weight - 635 g.

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