TR-D4S1 3.6

Technical Specifications



Maximum video output resolution:


Image sensor:

1/2.7" CMOS

Bitrate (Mb/sec):


Power supply:

DC 12 V, PoE

Lens (mm):


Weight Net (kg):




Dimensions (mm):


Power consumption, Watt:


Working temperature, C°:


Day/Night Mode:

Mechanic IR-filter

Network interfaces:


TRASSIR TR-D4S1 (3.6 mm)

4 MP (2688 × 1520) IP-camera is designed for indoor use, including poorly heated in winter: operating temperatures - –10 ° C ... +50 ° C. Suitable for night surveillance: built-in IR illumination range - 25 m.


  • - DWDR - digital image processing to eliminate the imperfections introduced by the changes in the level of illumination of the scene.
  • - 3D DNR - spatial noise reduction.
  • - ROI (area of ​​interest) - high quality of the picture in the selected area with an accompanying reduction in resolution in the rest of the frame (bitrate optimization).
  • - Day / night mode with ICR: in sufficient light, the filter blocks IR rays, optimizing color rendition, and in the dark it is mechanically shifted away from the matrix to increase its sensitivity and the backlight can work.
  • - Data transfer rate is 15 frames per second.
  • - H.265 and H.264 stream compression.
  • - Bitrate 8 Mbps.


TR-D4S1 (3.6 mm) is based on a 1 / 2.7 "progressive scan CMOS sensor, sensitivity 0.005 lux. Equipped with a 3.6 mm fixed focal length lens, 87.3 ° horizontal viewing angle, 56.2 ° vertical viewing angle, F / 1.8 aperture . Power supply - 12V DC or PoE. Maximum power consumption - 6.8 W. Size - Ø109.98 × 98.50 mm. Weight - 205 g.

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