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6 May 2024

What are the advantages of using Perimeter control?

Modern enterprises have more and more opportunities to increase profits without overstaffing. Techniques for collecting and analyzing traffic data can provide an incredible amount of information and analyze it in a variety of ways.

If the perimeter where the flow of visitors passes is equipped with the required number of cameras and modules, data collection takes place and can be stored on a server or cloud server. When choosing TRASSIR, it is possible to set the criteria what deviations should be tracked, analyzed and what the owner would like to get the notifications about.  

TRASSIR Face Recognition module allows tracking the appearance of people on the territory from the banned list. TRASSIR Heat Maps module creates ‘thermal’ video analytics of traffic, which allows you to identify areas of greatest interest to visitors of your establishment.

It is important for the management of an enterprise to monitor the efficiency of staff, so the TRASSIR Staff Tracker module monitors the correctness of all the procedures performed, and monitor the quality of work with the clients in offline retail. TRASSIR Workplace Detector module monitors the time of staff’s arrival and absence from the workplace if there is any. These modules can significantly reduce processing time and costs when working with employee data, as well as reduce the number of errors associated with the “human factor” when calculating this data.

A similar system has been successfully implemented at Haliç University, helping to ensure security on the territory and perimeter-wise. Thanks to TRASSIR, this university in Turkey, which was founded in 1998, has already achieved positive results: the pilot project had excellent effect  with 75 cameras being installed as perimeter surveillance, using the Neuro Detector module with the ability to generate alarms when intruders enter restricted areas and marked the beginning of a long-perspective cooperation bringing TRASSIR both profit and reputational benefits.
TRASSIR has accumulated extensive experience that allows offering systems that will be relevant for specific areas of different facilities' types with all its features.

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