6 April 2023

DIGITAL WIZARD's expert opinion on TRASSIR solutions

We present you with an overview of TRASSIR solutions from Moncef for video analytics for various industries:

1) TRASSIR for retail:

The main tasks solved by the TRASSIR video surveillance system are: providing security on the premises, reducing costs due to theft and fraud, and collecting and analyzing data about visitors. The system includes the following modules:

2) TRASSIR for industry:

Monitoring key production processes, analyzing data on personnel behavior, and ensuring safety on the premises are the main areas that can be improved using video analytics solutions. For this, we recommend the following TRASSIR solutions:

3) TRASSIR for implementing the concept of smart cities (video surveillance in apartment buildings and detached houses):

The main reasons for implementing a video surveillance and analytics system are: Safety of residents and property, creating a comfortable space to live and work based on statistical behavioral data. For this, we recommend the following TRASSIR solutions:

You can learn more here:

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DIGITAL WIZARD's expert opinion on TRASSIR solutions


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